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Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
Released: 11.19.2011
Once upon a time in the Fairyland there lived kind and evil animals but somehow they miraculously got mixed. The evil animals disturbed all the rest. The kind creatures asked a hunter to help them to catch the evil ones.

In a night he caught all, the kind and the evil. He couldn’t help it – it was dark.

Now you’ve got an opportunity to correct his mistake. Release kind animals, so that the evil don’t interfere with them.

What is in store for you?
If you evaluate high quality graphics and detailed background, the game will delight you. The realistic physical game engine will make all the levels extremely interesting. You’ll also appreciate the magnificent animated effects.

How to save the Bears:
The bears are kept in dungeons in cages. Mind the kind and evil creatures are kept together in cages. There’s no sense to save all of them. Which of them and how to release?

Kind Bear
The kind bears are quite innocuous. All they need is to get out of the cage. Don’t worry, they won’t hurt themselves. Their parachutes will open just at the ground and then they will fly to the balloon and at last to the wild.
You’re to save them.

The bear is a malicious kamikaze. It is sure to believe in life after death. They ‘ll prove it to you. If you let it loose from its cage, it’ll sit and wait for a volunteer. If a kind bear touches it, the kamikaze blows it up at once.

The bear is a real bomb. I’ve got no idea who and why enraged it but better not to touch it what is worse even not to sneeze nearby. But if by chance a bat manages to break the cage, the explosion will be so bad that you’ll wish it had never happened. Mind, the bear breaks up into bombs which explode all they touch.

How to save lightning bugs:
Here is a kind lightning bug. It doesn’t spare itself to illuminate the way at night. Who knows, if the hunter hadn’t caught all of them, he wouldn’t have made the mistake then. Release the lightning bugs as soon as possible. They will occupy hollows themselves.

And this lightning bug is awfully greedy. It wanted to illuminate everything itself and wasn’t eager to share. But it didn’t work. It‘s become extremely jealous since. That’s why it flies with dynamite to annihilate the damned competitors. As soon as it leaves its lampion it flies to its target and explodes it