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Genre: Arcade, Puzzle
Released: 01.13.2010

The game really does look great. The artwork is beautiful and the music and sound fit well into the game.
The game’s concept is very intriguing!


Greatest time killer! Final score - 8.5/10

TouchArcade gamers:

"This is one of my better purchases.The goal of each level is to get the little alien dude safely to barel of ooze. You have to draw barries for the alien to bounce around. Great music, lots of gameplay!"

"This game is one part of everything i love about 2d physic games!"

"Realy interesting cartoon-style design, good music. Game that you can run at any moment (in a bus, on a break etc)"


Once upon a time alien was flying by the Earth. But its spaceship was damaged and fell down on the Earth. That was a very strange creature that could turn all the Earth gravity into space-null-gravity. While playing this game you'll have to help alien ball to get to the spaceship overcoming lots of obstacles and taking into account all the laws of space gravity.

A high-quality graphics, unique SPACE physics and dozens of wonderful missions are waiting for you!

Draw your way to the victory!


Jump to the finish by drawing road on the screen with your finger!
Recommended for people who like PHYSICS GAMES!


- 6 game worlds and over 60 original levels
- Challenging game physics
- Easy game controls
- The world high-scores!
- Unique graphics
- High quality music